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Professional development

Here you can find professional development opportunities relating to Underground Mathematics. In addition you may like to find out more about using our resources by visiting the Bundles page, the Resources in action page, or watching one of our webinars.

MEI CPD course

MEI CPD course

MEI is currently running a one-day CPD course entitled “Underground Mathematics: Resources to address the requirements of the new A level”. The course is available at various times and locations. You are encouraged to attend the Teacher Conference day after attending the MEI day.

The course focuses on using the Underground Mathematics resources to support the overarching themes in the new mathematics A level: proof, problem solving and modelling.

The course, including refreshments, lunch and resources, is free of charge to A level Mathematics teachers from state-funded schools and colleges.

Brilliant way to teach and engage students in maths. So many wonderful ideas to share with students in GCSE and post GCSE. [I] enjoy doing the questions myself, [as they] help with my own subject knowledge.
MEI training course attendee
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Underground Mathematics Teacher Conference

Teacher Conference

This free one day regional CPD conference is run periodically throughout the year and is open to anyone who has been on the above MEI course. Bookings are managed by MEI.

The aim is to help you get more out of Underground Mathematics as you prepare to teach the new A Level courses, including the following.

  • Share experiences of using our resources with like-minded teachers
  • Explore the website and resources with the Underground Mathematics team