What are pervasive ideas?

The tubemap shows multiple connections between areas of mathematical content. In addition to this, there are many important ideas arising throughout mathematics that do not fit naturally at a station because they permeate mathematics at this level. We have chosen to highlight some of these in our pervasive ideas. We believe it is important and useful for students to be aware of these ideas as they are studying mathematics because this awareness can lead to insight and opportunities to make connections.

We have highlighted occurrences of pervasive ideas at some resources and encourage you to look out for these ideas even if they are not immediately apparent. Many of our resources refer to pervasive ideas in the “Solutions” and “Things you might have noticed” sections as well as making subtle references to them throughout the text. We hope these ideas will help students to reflect on the connected nature of mathematics and encourage them to make connections for themselves.

Our pervasive ideas are shown in the bottom left of the tubemap, and can also be listed by clicking the Browse button.