At this station we explore sequences and series. The resources encourage different ways of working, combining graphical and geometric approaches with thinking about term-to-term relationships and expressions for a general term.

Sort it out encourages students to compare several sequences, looking for similarities and differences and identifying properties. This provides an opportunity to develop vocabulary and to recognise that there are many types of sequence, not just arithmetic and geometric sequences.

In Change one thing students are asked to consider the different ways they might answer a question about an arithmetic sequence and then explore how the sequence could be changed to meet a given constraint.

Square spirals provides a way to visualise convergence of geometric sequences without using formulae and students can then build on the ideas and examples they develop here in Can you find… series edition.

A further opportunity to make connections between areas of mathematics is offered by Bouncing to nothing, in which projectile motion is combined with sequences to model what happens to a bouncing ball.