At this station we build on students’ prior understanding of trigonometry and right-angled triangles and move to a function-based approach to trigonometry. By working on these resources students will have the opportunity to make many connections between functions, algebra and geometry. There is a particular emphasis on graphical representation in the resources at this station and many of these approaches can be used throughout mathematics at this level.

The reciprocal functions are introduced, but there are several resources which only refer to \(\sin\), \(\cos\) and \(\tan.\) For example, How high am I? Muddled trig and Can you find… trigonometry edition do not require any knowledge of reciprocal trigonometric functions.

It is worth noting that many resources use radians to give students plenty of practice in using them, but lots of the problems could be tackled using degrees instead.

Resources involving compound angle formulae can be found at the Trigonometry: Compound Angles station.