How do we move from triangles to graphs, functions and equations?

Key questions

  1. 1

    How are trigonometric functions related to circles?

  2. 2

    How can we define trigonometric functions for all angles?

  3. 3

    What are the key features of trigonometric functions and their graphs?

  4. 4

    How are trigonometric functions related to each other?

  5. 5

    How can we solve equations and inequalities involving trigonometric functions?

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Review questions

Title Ref
Are any of these four trig expressions equal to each other? R7973
As $\theta$ varies, what's the largest this ratio of areas can be? R9770
Can we find the area of a pedal triangle? R8658
Can we find the distance of the tree from the road? R9200
Can we find the lengths and angles in this diagram of a roof? R6144
Can we find the lengths and angles in this pyramid? R6589
Can we prove this trig identity to solve this equation? R5269
Can we show this polynomial has roots $1$, $\cos\theta$ and $\sin\theta$? R8923
Given a picture hanging from a wall, can we find these angles? R5533
How are these three angles connected? R5497
How far are these two ships from the shore? R6049
How many solutions do these simultaneous trig equations have? R7370
How many solutions does $2 \cos^2x + 5\sin x = 4$ have? R9491
How many solutions does $7\sin x +2\cos ^2 x =5$ have? R9837
How many solutions does $\cos (\sin x)=\frac{1}{2}$ have? R8386
How many solutions does $\sin^2x+3\sin x\cos x+2\cos^2 x=0$ have? R6138
How many solutions does this equation involving $\sin^8x$ have? R8136
If $\sin X$ and $\cos Y$ are both negative, what can we say about $X + Y$? R7000
Two swimmers cross a river - can we calculate its width? R7596
What's the distance from a point to a line in the $x\text{-}y$ plane? R9702
What's the result when we reflect $y=\sin x$ twice? R7577
What's this angle of elevation given two others? R7756
When does this equation in $x, y$ and $\theta$ represent a circle? R7378
When is $\sin x$ or $\sin 2x$ larger than a half? R5199
When is $\sin^8 x+\cos^6 x$ equal to $1$? R9817
Which of these area and perimeter statements is true? R8330
Which points in the $x$-$y$ plane satisfy $\sin y=\sin x$? R7374