This station explores polynomials and rational functions, bringing together and building on ideas from the number, algebra and function lines.

Divide it up links polynomial division to polynomial multiplication, while the structure of polynomial division is examined in What’s left? The remainder and factor theorems expand upon these ideas and appear in some of the Review questions at the station, such as R8701 and R6790.

Graph sketching is encouraged and expected in many of the resources at this station. Can you find… cubic edition develops the link between the equations and the graphs of cubics, while Inequality sets reinforces the usefulness of a graphical representation when solving inequalities. Function builder 2 and Can you find… asymptote edition help to build understanding of the properties of rational functions and their graphs.

Other resources include Frightening function, which can introduce the idea of partial fractions, and Happy families, where students are encouraged to apply their understanding of functions and graphs. There are also some Bigger picture pieces at the station which explore some of the history of polynomials.