How can we deepen our understanding of these functions and their graphs?

Key questions

  1. 1

    How are the roots of polynomials related to their equations and graphs?

  2. 2

    What happens when one polynomial is divided by another?

  3. 3

    How can we rewrite polynomials and rational functions?

  4. 4

    Which techniques can be used to sketch rational functions?

  5. 5

    How can inequalities involving polynomials and rational functions be solved?

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Review questions

Title Ref
Can we factorise $6x^3+5x^2-17x-6$ completely? R6577
Can we factorise $a^3(b-c)+b^3(c-a)+c^3(a-b)$? R7991
Can we factorise $x^4 + Ax^2 + B$? R7809
Can we find the coefficients and factorise this quartic? R9330
Can we prove that $26^n$ always ends in the same two digits? R5032
Can we prove the Arithmetic and Geometric Mean Inequality? R6546
Can we show $ x^4 - px^3 - 6x^2 + px +1 =0$ always has four real roots? R9189
Can we show $(x^2+1)(x+1)=(a^2+1)(a+1)$ has just one real root? R9108
Can we sketch the graph $y=x^3-x^2-x+1$? R6612
Can we sketch the graph of $y = (4x-1)/(x+5)$? R6317
Can we sketch the reciprocal of a polynomial? R6299
Can we sketch this curve with an oblique asymptote? R5854
Can we solve $\sqrt{4x+13}-\sqrt{x+1}=\sqrt{12-x}?$ R6431
Can we solve these equations for $a, b, x$ and $y$? R6871
Does $(x-1)(x-2)\times \cdots \times (x-n) = k$ have a solution? R7017
Given this equation, what's the value of $a+b+c+d$? R6219
Given three remainders, what is the function? R5248
How many pairs of positive integers $(x,y)$ satisfy this equation? R6543
How many real roots does this cubic polynomial have? R8711
How many regions are created by the graphs $y=x^3, y=x^4$ and $y=x^5$? R5685
How many solutions are there to $(x^2+1)^{10} = 2x - x^2 - 2$? R9754
If $\sqrt{x}-\sqrt{11}=\sqrt{y}$, when is $x/y$ a maximum? R9499
If dividing by $x+a$ or $x-2a$ gives the same remainder, what's $a$? R6488
If the roots of $2x^2+kx+3=0$, are $\alpha$ and $\beta$, what is $k$? R8732
If two remainders are related can we find $a$? R8468
If we divide by $x-1$, the remainder is? R6790
Two values of $x$ that differ by $5$ satisfy $x^2 - 12x + k = 0$, what is $k$? R5949
What can we say if the roots of a cubic are in arithmetic progression? R6276
What if dividing $f(x)$ by $(x-a)(x-b)$ and by $(x-a)(x-c)$ gives the same remainder? R8682
What if the remainder when we divide by $x-k$ is $k$? R8701
What if the roots of this equation are in geometric progression? R7111
What is the remainder when $p_n (x)$ is divided by $p_{n-1} (x)$? R5276
What kind of roots does $x^3 - 30x^2 + 108x - 104 = 0$ have? R9006
When are $y < x+1, y+6x < 20, x = 5y-7$ true together? R6714
When is $x^n + 1$ divisible by $x + 1$? R7108
When is $(1-x)^n (2-x)^{2n} (3-x)^{3n} (4-x)^{4n} (5-x)^{5n}$ negative? R6674
When is $n^2 x^{2n+3} - 25n x^{n+1} + 150x^7$ divisible by $x^2-1$? R7036
When is $x^2 +1$ a factor of $(3+x^4)^n-(x^2+3)^n(x^2-1)^n$? R7243
Which of these quintic equations fit this graph? R8160