Fill in the blank spaces so that each row contains:

  • an inequality that needs solving
  • a graph that can help solve the inequality
  • a solution set of the inequality.
Solution set Graph Inequality
\(\left\{x: x≤-4\right\} \cup \left\{x: x≥-1\right\}\)
Compulsory alt text
\(x^2 + 5x + 4 ≥0\)
Solution set Graph Inequality
\(\left\{x: 2<x<5\right\}\)
\(\left\{x: 0<x≤1\right\}\)
graph of x squared + 5 x - 6 over x squared + x - 6, showing two vertical asymptotes either side of the x axis and two roots
\(x^2 + 6x > 2x+1\)
\(\left\{x: x<-5\right\} \cup \left\{x:-2<x<2\right\}\)

Do any of the blank cells have more than one possible answer?