Each of the cards in this interactivity describes the same quadratic function.

If you reveal one card (by clicking it), can you work out the content of all the other cards?

(Some questions to consider and more details about the interactivity can be found below.)

Some questions to consider…

  • Which card would be the easiest to start from? And which would be the hardest?

  • Does each card always give enough information to uniquely identify the quadratic function?

  • How much information do we need to specify a quadratic?

Some notes on the interactivity

You can get a new, randomly selected quadratic by clicking “Generate new numbers”. You can switch between functions of the form \(ax^2+bx+c\) and \(x^2+bx+c\) (where \(a\) is fixed as \(1\)) by clicking the “Fix \(a=1\)” or “Allow \(a\ne1\)” button.

Blank copies of the grid are available for \(x^2+bx+c\) and \(ax^2+bx+c\). Partially completed grids can be printed using the “print” icon within the interactivity.