Here are descriptions of eight real-world processes. For each, try to sketch a suitable graph. If you are not familiar with the background science, then try to use what you do know to reason through what a graph might look like.

You do not need to calculate or plot exact points, just sketch graphs that give the general shape.

As you produce your sketches, make a list of the features that you are considering.

Temperature of a cup of tea over time.

Height of the valve on a bicycle tyre as the bicycle moves forwards.

Height of a tennis ball thrown straight up and then caught.

Distance fallen by a parachutist jumping out of a plane.

Reading on the odometer (mile counter) of a car driving on a motorway.

Radius of a spherical balloon as it is inflated.

Volume of water remaining in a cup as water is sucked out through a straw.

Distance along a tape measure measured in inches compared with distance measured in metres.