Hopefully you have now sketched graphs for some of the eight processes described in the previous section. What features did you consider as you did this?

Below is a possible graph for each process (but they’re muddled up). Can you match a graph to each process?

How do the graphs below compare to those you sketched? If you sketched something different, can you identify the assumptions that you made and those that might have led to the graphs below?

Straight line with y-intercept at 3100,and positive gradient
Straight line with y-intercept at 600 and negative gradient
Wave oscillating between 0 and 0.65, and with period 2
Increasing curve with increasing gradient, that passes through the origin
Straight line with positive gradient passing through the origin
Increasing curve with decreasing gradient, that passes through the origin
Decreasing curve with increasing gradient and y-intercept at 100
Between 0 and 2 the curve is an upside down parabola, and after 2 the curve becomes a straight horizontal line

Hopefully you have now matched a graph to each process.

Can you suggest an equation for each process/graph pair?