• Put these functions in pairs – each one with its inverse. One function is missing so you’ll need to fill in the blank card.

  • Pull down the bottom edge of the card sort area to reveal the graphs of some of the functions. Match up the functions with their graphs and draw in the graphs of their inverse functions.






\(\ \)



\(p(x)=\dfrac{x}{1+x}\), \(x\ne-1\)

\(q(x)=\dfrac{-x}{1+x}\), \(x\ne-1\)

\(r(x)=\dfrac{x+2}{x+1}\), \(x\ne-1\)

\(s(x)=\dfrac{-x}{1+x}\), \(x\ne-1\)

\(t(x)=\dfrac{x}{1-x}\), \(x\ne1\)