Which of the integrals below can be evaluated if we know that

\[\large{\int_0^3 f(x) \ dx = 7 \ \text{and} \ \int_0^3 g(x)\ dx =4\text{?}}\]

\[\int_0^3 (f(x)+2g(x))\ dx\]

\[\int_0^3 f(x)g(x)\ dx\]

\[\int_0^6 f(x) \ dx\]

\[\int_0^3 (g(x)+2) \ dx\]

\[\int_3^0 \!f(x) \ dx \, \times \int^3_0 \!g(x) \ dx\]

\[\int^3_{-3} g(x) \ dx\]

\[\int_{-3}^{3} f(x) \ dx\]

\[\int^2_{-1} f(x+1) \ dx\]

Which of the integrals can be evaluated if we have the following extra information?

  1. \(f(x)\) is symmetric about \(x=3\)

  2. \(g(x)\) is an odd function

  3. \(f(x)\) is an even function