Situation 1

2 cars driving past 2 speed cameras set 4 miles apart
\(0\)-\(3\) miles \(3\)-\(4\) miles
Driver \(1\) \(\quantity{50}{mph}\) \(\quantity{50}{mph}\)
Driver \(2\) \(\quantity{75}{mph}\) ?
  • The two drivers travel along the road shown in the diagram above. They pass the two average speed cameras at the same time as each other.

    1. How far apart will the cars be after the first driver has gone \(1\) mile?
    2. What will be the greatest distance between the two drivers and when will it occur?
    3. What is the average speed of the second driver?
    4. What was the second driver’s speed for the last mile?

Sketching a distance-time graph from the information in the table might be a useful starting point.